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Project Description

CiC Connect – Chairside

Helping You Communicate Conditions, Procedures & Treatment Options

Clinical Information Centre (CiC) is an interactive computer-based program to help you explain conditions, procedures and treatment options to your patients. It can be used by anyone in the team who explains things to patients on a one-to-one basis – dentist, hygienist, treatment coordinator, practice manager, senior nurse.

  • CiC will increase your case acceptance
    … by helping the patient understand their conditions and treatment options.
  • CiC will increase efficiency
    … by minimising the time it takes to explain conditions and treatments to patients.
  • CiC will help overcome language barriers
    … by using imagery which patients can easily understand.
  • CiC will enhance the image of your practice
    … by improving communication with your patients using leading edge technology.
  • Over 200 High Definition 3D Animations
  • Over 100 Patient Information Leaflets
  • Email both leaflets and animations to your patients
  • Multiple Language Options
  • No steep learning curve

PIC Pro – Waiting

Make Waiting Profitable

  • Practice Information Centre (PiC Pro)
    PiC Pro is a computer software program which runs in an endless loop in your waiting area. “The Most Flexible Waiting Room Software on the Market”
  • PiC Pro is a Marketing Tool
    It is designed to maximise the revenue from your patients by motivating them to ask about cosmetic treatments.
  • PiC Pro is an educational tool
    Informing patients about oral health issues and hygiene techniques, helping the patient to help themselves.
  • PiC Pro will enhance your sundry sales
    By showing a wide range of products, and how to use them, PiC will motivate the patient to talk to your receptionist.
  • PiC Pro will reduce the perceived waiting time
    Because the patient is being informed and entertained by the system.

PiC Pro is supplied with hundreds of messages, over 2 and a 1/2 hours of content. It’s easy to select the messages appropriate to your practice. PiC Pro has an impressive list of features which enhance the patient experience.

  • Beautifully animated 3D widescreen dental messages
  • You can add your own messages using our built-in ‘Wizard’ or from external programs
  • Your messages can be stills (jpgs) or movies (avi, mpg or wmv)
  • You can create as many presentations as you like
  • You can schedule the presentations to play at certain times or certain days
  • Our ‘Events Manager’ can automatically slot-in Valentines, Easter, Halloween and +40 more, making the presentation topical without you lifting a finger!
  • You can add your own ‘events’ like team member birthdays or practice anniversaries
  • PiC Pro can control your background music (mp3 or wav) but requires no sound to run

WebPak Online – Website

WebPak Online is the new way of adding life and movement to your practice website. Our new extensive library of high quality animations can now be added to your practice website, and it couldn’t be easier with just one line of code for each animation. Our server cleverly detects the device being used by each patient viewing your site and serves up a compatible animations so customers using iPads, iPhones and almost all Android devices can now enjoy the animations.

The animations are high quality. (400×225)   Our server detects the iPad/iPhone/Android and displays a compatible animation.  We host the animation saving you space & upload time.  Enhancements to the animations are instantly seen on your site.  You can choose auto-play, click-to-play and “Shadowbox” versions.

Patient Survey

In our increasingly ‘rated’ society where every hotel, every restaurant and every school is measured and compared, it seemed inevitable that this ethos would find its way into dentistry. With CQC and the new NHS contract currently being piloted, it is mandatory. The new Patient Survey from MEDiVision allows you to effortlessly capture patient feedback into a portfolio of secure graphical reports which give you benchmarked results against the whole industry.

Patient Survey:

  • Satisfies CQC feedback requirements
  • Calculates new NHS feedback scoring
  • Benchmarks results against the industry
  • Provides individual team member reports
  • Certificates for high performer
  • Easy to set-up & use

Individual team members (dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and therapists) will have personalised feedback showing the patients perceptions by age group and sex. The level of access to these reports is strictly controlled by the practice owner.

  • Team member scores
  • Nurses & receptionist performance
  • Practice telephone contact
  • Your website usage
  • Practice comfort & style
  • Perceived Cleanliness
  • Involvement in care
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