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Project Description

We believe that every business deserves reliable control center to save time, make decisions faster and build effective teams.

Control center of  your business

All company data in one place: easy to understand and access. See the big picture for all departments and exploit fact based decision making.

Real time budget monitoring

Show budget and targets who’s the boss! Automate your company’s budget control and see progress from any place in real-time.

TV Dashboards for team building

Have you ever thought how much your team knows about company goals? With flex.bi you can make all your team united – one vision, one goal.

Improved performance

Our customers report higher profits, more active teams and bigger revenue. flex.bi makes navigating your business so much easier.

Turn data into useful information

Our users are surprised how much value they can get out of each graph.

Save time, make decisions faster and communicate your business goals

Have you ever wondered how much your team knows about the goals of your company? TV dashboard is an easy way to deliver your expectations to your team members.

Explore related data

All reports are dynamic. Using Drill-trough, Drill-across and Drill-into you can see all related data and spot opportunities, risks and trends in your company’s finance, sales, stock or other data.

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Standard Pricing

250 AED / Month
  • If you need analytics only for one set of data with unlimited reports – this is the plan to choose. Freedom to upgrade anytime.
  • 3 users
  • 2 data cube*
  • 2 source application**
  • 100 MB data
  • Unlimited reports & dashboards
  • Regular, automated imports
  • 4 types of Drill-through, Drill-across
  • Unlimited source files (XLS, CSV, TXT)
  • Export to XLS, CSV,PDF