Fully DICOM-compliant dental PACS

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Project Description

Serving the Global Dental, ENT, and Radiology Industries with High-Quality DICOM and PACS Solutions

Medicor Imaging provides medical and dental professionals with the industry’s best DICOM-compliant digital imaging solutions in MiPACS.

Dental Schools

MiPACS was specifically designed to handle the unique workflow of a dental school environment and to provide a comprehensive solution for teaching digital radiography.
This is the only imaging system that a dental school needs to acquire, process, centrally store, and view digital images. MiPACS was built to offer an affordable and device independent dental PACS, in compliance with the DICOM 3.0 standard.

Multi-Clinic Dental Organizations

The Centralized Imaging Solution for Dental Group Practices

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution is a digital dental imaging system built for organizations with clinics in multiple locations. MiPACS is centralized, enabling all clinics to access images taken at any other clinic. Built with the standards-compliance that large enterprises require, MiPACS is the premiere centralized imaging solution for dental group practices.

MiPACS is deployed in more than 450 locations worldwide, including:

57 Dental Schools
US Air Force Dental Services
Department of Veterans Affairs
United States Air National Guard
Multi-clinic Group Practices
3 Foreign Government Health Care Systems

Key Features

Fully DICOM-compliant dental PACS
Meets HIPAA security regulations
Offers an open interface to clinical information systems such as axiUm, Quick Recovery, Salud, and Windent
Supports more digital capture devices than any other product
Includes a wide range of image processing and diagnostic tools
Supports dental hanging protocol with smart anatomic encoding
Supports any DICOM-enabled modality (including Cone Beam CT)
Features instructor approval workflow for quality assurance of students’ images
Compatible with magnetic swipe card readers
Compatible with Citrix and Terminal Services

Additional Benefits

Direct Integration with most commercial clinical management systems. MiPACS already integrates seamlessly with many clinical management system.
Dental Hanging Protocol. MiPACS has a flexible, customizable, and easily configurable dental hanging protocol. Images can be viewed on mounts that dentists are already familiar with.
DICOM 3.0 Compliance in ALL aspects. Images are stored 100% of the time in DICOM format, and communication with the server is performed using DICOM communication over TCP/IP.
Integrates with Cone Beam CTs and other devices. MiPACS can easily integrate with many DICOM compliant systems and applications, such as Cone Beam CT systems, hospital PACS, and with Dolphin Imaging, just to name a few.
One system to learn and maintain. Group practices are often faced with using and maintaining many different imaging applications throughout multiple clinics, depending on the hardware. With MiPACS, there is only one client application to learn and maintain.

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