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Voice of the customers/ patients. We want all our patients to be heard. We should love their feedback. Any kind of feedback coming from our patients will serve as a driver in growing our business. 

There are three types on how you can use the survey:

*Stand Alone Survey – You can send a mass survey to a group of contacts either through email or SMS or both.

*Integrated with your DentiMax – Every completed appointment, it will trigger a survey and will be sent through sms to the patient relating to their visit.

*Kiosk Survey – You can use this inside the clinic through Kiosk for the patients to quickly answer every time they visit the clinic. 


You will create your own set of questions depending on what you’d like to measure, it can be about the Patient’s Satisfaction, if they will recommend your Clinic to other people, how they view your Clinic itself and etc. Of course, we can help you also in creating these survey questions.


At the end of the day, it’s always important to know and hear the voice of your patients. This way, you’ll be able to manage how you can improve more in serving your patients and ultimately to grow the business.

Every survey response will be showing in your Patient Survey account and you get to learn who are the patients that needs your attention in terms of the Satisfactory rate.



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